Our Belief Is..

  •  Fickle Brand Hopping Customers Are Killing Your Business!
  •  Scammers, Liars & Amateurs Are Making You A Marketing Victim
  •  You deserve a business that is both profitable and fun.

You don’t want to put their kid through college while they put yours in the poor house!!

Our Story

The so called “marketers” say business success comes from professional pictures, Facebook pages, websites, and book signings, if you listen to them you will fail like so many before you. Most authors and owners are secretly losing thousands o dollars because they invested in “show” and without ever learning the business. This mistake makes it almost impossible for a new owners or authors not to go into debt and even harder for them to get out but we can show you how.

We know that the super successful business owner” is just character owners play on social media and in real life they are struggling to generate any real costumer flow.


We both know how hard business re ally is, so my team and I created ” The Building Business Method” to help you craft messages, emails and marketing that will help you make that money back!

Meet the CEO

Like most people, I thought if I wrote a book that helped everyone, they would buy it and I would be a rich best selling author speaking on the big stages and receiving huge fees. I gave no thought to who or why people would buy my books, show up at my events , or pay my high fees but that didn’t stop me from buying radio time, flyers, t-shirts, websites, and boosting ads.

Then one day I woke up and realized all I was doing was making radio stations, .com’s, marketers and Facebook rich. As writers we are at an extreme disadvantage because we aren’t sales people! In the words of multi-millionaire Grand Cardone ” it’s not best author. It’s Best Seller!”, so I stopped being sold and started learning how to sell. And about 36 months, 200 books (the most useful I will share with you someday), a couple dozen failed tests, and a quickly shrinking checking account it all started to click.

  • My confidence grew by leaps and bounds. I started reaching out, setting up and closing deals at 3x times my old rates.
  • People started reaching out to me to share my methods on their stages, social media platforms, and appear own their shows for FREE!
  • My clients results doubled and I became the “go to” Good Hard Working God Fearing Business Owners’ who wanted to build their businesses


SaDon L. Long

Founder & CEO

Frustrated Fed Up Business Owners Turn To SaDon For The Words And Strategies That Lead To More Sales and A Bigger Share Of The Marketplace

Make Your Upcoming Event Unforgettable

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are struggling for consistent sales in this very fickle and  crowed retail market. Everyday more doors are closing permanently and debt is piling up for many hard working business.



We help self funded business owners

  • increase sales almost immediately.
  • got off the rollercoaster of up and down sales.
  • confidently  predict your sales, charge higher fees,
  • Turn down hard to deal with clients who waste your time

No matter how you make your money, our “Building Business Method” will help you do it faster, easier and more consistently than your are right now.

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